Bluegrass Pride!

Good news, everyone! The California Bluegrass Association will have its first ever float in the SF Pride Parade this year. The SF Pride Parade is the biggest public event of the year in northern California, with over a million people in attendance and a worldwide appeal. A vast range of businesses, community nonprofits and arts organizations have found it to be an extremely efficient outreach event, offering the opportunity to engage with masses of potential supporters, regardless of age, gender or orientation, at a fraction of the cost of other, more traditional channels.

This year’s parade is Sunday, June 25. The San Francisco district of the CBA will be there on a flatbed truck decorated with attractive banners promoting bluegrass and old-time music and the CBA, and carrying a live band playing traditional music, plus a contingent walking alongside handing out CBA promo materials to the crowd.

Our presence in the Pride parade is part of a program of increasing the public visibility of bluegrass and old-time music through participation in mass public events, including the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, the Sunday Streets program, and the Chinese New Year parade and the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Bluegrass and old-time music need all the exposure they can get, and this is a great opportunity to show people what we’re about!

Here’s the event page on Facebook!

One thought on “Bluegrass Pride!

  1. Ray Edlund

    Outstanding! We’re not just a bunch of tone-deaf hillbillies living in exile from the modern world….we care, want to make a difference and feel this is an excellent opportunity to do so. Join the CBA and let your voice be heard.


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