Whether you’re a casual fan or as obsessed as we are, chances are pretty good you’re going to find some kind of bluegrass- or old-time-related activities going on most nights of the week in and around San Francisco. And that’s just right here. We’re smack in the middle of one of the liveliest bluegrass regions in the country, so don’t be afraid to venture into Berkeley, Oakland, San Rafael or Redwood City.

Bluegrass and Old-Time shows come in a few standard flavors:

Regular ol’ bar and club dates: Listen to pros and semi-pros play their hearts out for you in a low-down dive bar or a swanky nightclub.

JamsPickers get together and play for themselves and whoever else happens to be around. These often happen in the aforementioned dive bars, but sometimes they’re out on the street or in a park.

Concerts: Sit in an auditorium and watch a bluegrass band light it up onstage.

Festivals: Camp out for a night or two and listen to bands on outdoor stages, or pick all night with other bluegrass lovers. Life actually doesn’t get much better than this.

Dancing: Don your boots and swirl around the floor under the guidance of an expert caller. Trucker hat optional.


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